Exercise Routine #1

14 Jun

This is my first exercise routine. I will perform this exercise routine using 3 lb weights from June 12, 2011 until July 23, 2011; using 5lb weights from October 16, 2011 until November 26, 2011; and using 8 lb weights from February 19, 2012 until March 31, 2012 and from June 24th, 2012 until August 4, 2012.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Bridal Body Burn Fight the Freshman 15

Bridal ABsession

Yoga Sculpt Balance Body Sculpt


Yoga fitness fusion

Bridal Body Burn (31:52) – This workout incorporates cardio and sculpting intervals. This means that it helps you reach two important pre-pregnancy goals. First ,it helps you attain your ideal pre-pregnancy weight and it helps to strengthen your body in preparation for pregnancy. You need a pair of hand weights for this one.

During pregnancy – This workout is not a good workout for after the first trimester of pregnancy. The last 9 minutes of the workout is done on the stomach. Additionally, there are several poses which challenge your balance, which may grow more difficult and cause falls as pregnancy progresses.

Rating: 4

Fight the Freshman 15 (20:54) – This workout incorporates cardio and strength training intervals. I feel that the cardio portion of this workout is similar to Bridal Body Burn, but perhaps a bit more intense. Also like the Bridal Body Burn workout, this will help to strengthen the body in preparation for pregnancy and will also help you attain your ideal pre-pregnancy weight. You need a pair of hand weights for this one.

During Pregnancy – this workout requires very little time on the back or stomach. Though it is a fairly intense routine, if you have been regularly doing this workout (as I plan to do), I think this workout would be one I would attempt even after the first trimester.

Rating: 4

Bridal ABsession (10:15) – This workout focuses intensely on the abs. The 10 minutes passes quickly, though, and my abs always feel stronger after. This helps to tone the muscles that will support the baby bump and assist during labor. You need a pair of hand weights for this one.

During pregnancy – this workout involves a lot of poses on the back and so would not be a good routine to do after the first trimester of pregnancy.

Rating: 3

Yoga Sculpt (30:54) – This workout offers intermediate and advanced options throughout the workout. This workout both helps to increase flexibility and to increase muscle tone.

During pregnancy – this workout involves many twisting postures as well as postures that require you to be on your back or stomach. This is not a workout I would do during pregnancy.

Rating: 3

Balance and Body Sculpt (21:49) – This workout has 10 minutes of lower body focus and 10 minutes of upper body focus. However, even during the lower body segment, you use hand weights and perform bicep curls. This workout strengthens arm and posture muscles (I’m not quite sure what posture muscles are, but it sounds good) – both of which are important for during and after pregnancy (have you seen the size of those diaper bags?). This routine requires one pair of light (~3lb) and one pair of heavy (~5 lb) hand weights. As a side note, the trainer who does this workout also has prenatal workouts for use during pregnancy.

During pregnancy – this workout could definitely continue during pregnancy. There is no twisting or postures taken on the stomach or back.

Rating: 3.5

Abs (10:51) – This workout is a fast-paced ab workout. There are very few reps of each movement (in contrast to the Balance and Body Sculpt, which focuses on higher rep moves), so you won’t get bored.

During pregnancy – This workout has a lot of twisting and time spent on the back. I don’t think I would continue this workout after the first trimester.

Rating: 3

Yoga Fitness Fusion (45:59) – This is a fairly intense yoga workout, but it offers plenty of breaks to catch your breath. This workout offers both yoga and traditional fitness moves. I feel both stretched and strengthened afterwards.

During pregnancy – Twisting, laying on your back, laying on your front . . . unfortunately, this workout has all of the pregnancy no-no’s in it. I wouldn’t do this workout past the first trimester.

Rating: 4 (though you don’t feel this workout as much during the workout, once you’re finished, you realize how intense it was!)


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