Costs of Pregnancy

20 Jun

Estimating the costs of pregnancy is tricky business. The costs can vary widely depending on your health, your healthcare provider and how complicated your labor and delivery is. However, I wanted to estimate my costs to try to figure out how much insurance would save me over paying for everything out-of-pocket.

There are two components of maternity care. First, the cost of doctors visits and related testing. Second, the costs of labor and delivery.

Typically, a pregnant woman will visit a doctor once a month during weeks 4 through 28, twice a month during weeks 28 through 36 and once a week for weeks 36 through delivery. This adds up to about 15 doctors visits. However, it was hard to figure out how much each visit would cost. After reviewing some discussion boards, it seemed like $200 per visit was a good estimate. There may also be additional charges for ultrasounds (~$250 each), blood work (~$350 for all testing during the pregnancy) and other testing (this is pretty unpredictable and will vary greatly depending on the testing you want and the testing your provider feels is necessary). So, my broad estimate for the cost of doctors visits and related charges is $4,850 (15 doctors visits + 4 ultrasounds + blood work + $500 for other testing).

Next, I needed to estimate the costs of labor and delivery. After having scoured the internet for information on costs of doctor’s visits, I expected it to be very difficult to figure out how much labor and delivery would cost. However, it was actually very easy. If you live in Florida, as I do, you can go onto this website: and find out how expensive it is to give birth at the hospitals in your area. In my area, one hospital averages $14,945 for labor and delivery plus $1,895 for infant care ($16,840 total). The other hospital averages $8,020 for labor and delivery and $1,313 for infant care ($9,333 total). Of course, the more expensive hospital is the one I would prefer to go to. It is much nicer and it isn’t a teaching hospital.

Including labor and delivery (at my preferred hospital) and doctors visits, my estimated total for maternity care is $21,690. I’ll be honest, this is way more than I expected it to be. And, this doesn’t even consider the possibility of complications! The average cost for a Cesarean is $22,200 and after birth care for an infant with complications averages $4,455!  This means that for birth alone a complicated pregnancy can cost $26,555. When you add in the doctor’s visits and such, you are up to $31,405. And, if you consider that there might be 5 extra doctor’s visits and an extra ultrasound, then the cost is up to $32,755.

I am beginning to think that the phrase “babies are expensive” is the biggest understatement ever.


Find out about labor and delivery costs in your area (Florida only):

Information about the number of doctor’s visits during pregnancy and what to expect at these visits:


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