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2 Jul

I thought that finding an insurance provider would be the easiest part of this entire process. I was surprised to find that most insurance providers don’t cover maternity (at least when you are purchasing insurance as an individual). There may be more insurance companies willing to cover maternity outside of Florida, but in my area, there is only Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Here is the process I went through to make sure I looked at all of the health insurance options available to me:

  1. Check with the major insurance providers. An aggregate site such as can be helpful for this step.
  2. Check with the federal government, if you are low income you may be eligible for medicaid.
  3. Check with your state government. They may offer health insurance plans to residents, especially if you are low income.
  4. Check with your local government.
  5. Check with any professional organizations you belong to (or could belong to). Some organizations offer health insurance plans for purchase as a part of membership.
However, even after all of this checking, I found that the only provider that was willing to sell me a plan to cover maternity was Blue Cross Blue Shield.
Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plans don’t usually cover maternity. You have to purchase an additional maternity rider. (For more information about what a rider is, see Learn the Lingo.) For an extra premium each month (about $190, but this varies a bit depending on the underlying plan), I can purchase maternity coverage. However, this rider cannot be added to all plans. There were 8 plans that allowed maternity riders.
So, instead of the plethora of insurance options from various companies that I expected, I found 8 insurance plans, all from the same company. I was very surprised, but I guess it makes choosing an insurance plan easier, huh?
This aggregate site searches for insurance quotes with 8 different insurance companies in Florida:
You can also get health insurance quotes from the companies directly:
(Just to name a few! A google search of health insurance + your state will find more companies that offer policies within your state)

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