To pen name or not to pen name?

17 Jul

To pen name or not to pen name? When I first asked myself this question it was entirely irrelevant. You see, at first I made all of my “personal thoughts” posts private.  It is one thing to post about my exercise routines or how I found an insurance plan. It is another thing entirely to actually put my innermost thoughts out there to be scrutnized.

Now, my husband keeps telling me that my blog needs to be personalized, yada, yada, yada (those yada’s are actually very constructive and helpful comments, by the way. and I am not just saying that just because he’ll read this. (You know that because when I first wrote this post, it was private and not even he could read it!). But . . . it seems like that would make you very vulnerable. I know, that seems silly, right? Who the hell cares what that total stranger posts as a comment on your blog? Insecure women who are posting blogs about planning to get pregnant, that’s who.

And so, in a round-about way, that brings me to my current dilemma, should I pen name or not? If I pen name, then at least when I get those comments that say “(my name here) you are an idiot and will be an awful parent.” I can think, “dumbass, that isn’t even my real name.”

Plus, a pen name would mean that even if someone I knew happened upon my blog, they wouldn’t know it was me. This is a good thing since my family and friends don’t know about my plan (at least not specifically). And if my mother or mother-in-law knew, then I would have to talk to them about each and every post and each and every reason I should get pregnant now instead of later. No, thank you.

However, I have a hard time thinking of a good pen names for my husband and me. I was thinking about using names from a classic romance. But, unfortunately, no one names their children Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights) or Rhett (Gone with the Wind) any more so it would be a glaringly obvious pen name. Plus, there is always that one part in the love story that you don’t like. If you use those names as your pen names, then that is the only part of the story you can think about every time you type R-h-e-t-t.

So, in summary:

Pros: No one would know who I am and it somewhat protects my fragile ego from trolling (it makes me feel old to admit it, but when my sister first said “trolling”, I spent quite a while trying to figure out the connection between fishing and blogging).

Cons: I would have to actually think of a pen name I wouldn’t feel retarded using. And that seems like a lot of work.

Conclusion:  I am going to use a pen name from a romance I have never seen. That way, I don’t know if there is something stupid or annoying about the story. I will be Holly and my husband will be Paul. That’s right, I have never seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But Audrey Hepburn is amazing, so I am going with it.


2 Responses to “To pen name or not to pen name?”

  1. renxkyoko July 17, 2011 at 2:14 pm #

    Use a pen name, always. We never know whi we’re gonna encounter here. It’s a dangerous world out here.

  2. Fantastico July 18, 2011 at 12:24 pm #

    yada yada yada yada yada…. yada. -Paul.

    P.S. Can I pick my own pen name? If so, please consider the following names: Blaze, Paulo Coelo, Turbo, Hawk, Titan, Fantastico, Rogario Braga,

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