Birth of the pre-baby list

25 Jul

Over the weekend, my family and my husband’s family got together for dinner. My sister-in-law had a baby two months ago and I figured that having a small baby in the family would take the pressure off of my husband and I for a while . . . wrong.

Instead, I had this conversation about my baby-making date:

My mom: So, we only have a year to wait, right? When do you take the bar?

Me: The bar is July 24-25 next year.

My mom: So . . . 368 days then!

Me: I don’t even find out if I pass the bar until the end of September.

My mother-in-law: Do we have to wait until you pass the bar?

Me: Yeah, Paul, give them a date. They need a precise date on which we are going to conceive. They probably want positions as well.

The conversation quickly dissolved into jokes about whether Paul’s swimmers would be too old and tired by then, whether they would get lost, etc., etc.

I don’t know why conversations like this bother me so much. After all, this whole blog is about my plans to get pregnant next year. Yet, somehow, when people pressure me to do what I am already planning to do, it drives me crazy. I want to tell them it is absolutely none of their business and be completely rude. I know that this makes no sense, but knowing that it makes no sense does not help me to be less irritated. In fact, it probably makes it worse. Not only am I upset people are pressuring me about baby-making, but then I get upset about it not making sense that I am upset!

I’ve been pondering this contradiction for a while. Mostly because all family gatherings have a conversation like the one above. I think I get so annoyed because no one else seems to see that there are so many things to do before I get pregnant. Obviously passing the bar exam is a big one, but there are a ton of other things I want to do before I get pregnant. So, I decided to make a list of all of the things that I want to do before I get pregnant. I will post my items as I think of them and in no particular order.

So, the first item on the list:

Learn how to take amazing pictures

This new generation is so well-documented. We have pictures of my nephew from just moments after he was born and video of his first case of hiccups. I mean, just a few days ago we got a photo of a green, poop-filled diaper.

I want to be able to take amazing pictures before I become a parent. Not necessarily of green poop-filled diapers, but of other things, like first smiles and first steps.

Right now, I can get a few really nice shots, but only because I take 48,742,985,274,592,786 pictures of everything, so once and a while, one comes out.

For instance, my husband and I took a transatlantic cruise this past summer. I filled up our 2GB memory card at each stop and the only pictures I really liked were:

Reichstag, Berlin

Monkey in Gibraltar

Monkeys in Gibraltar

New Cathedral in Cadiz, Spain

Church in Funchal, Madeira

So, the first item on my pre-baby list is to increase my ratio of great pictures to good pictures be greater than 5/1500. Maybe get it up to 15/1500? 😛


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