My new addiction (and pre-baby list item #2 and #3)

31 Jul

My new addiction: food pornography (a/k/a

I was trying to work on my pre-baby list item #1 – learn how to take amazing photos. I decided that I should start by learning how to take amazing pictures of food for my recipes. So, I Googled how to take food pictures. And I found an amazing website with 100s of pictures of delicious, mouth-watering food. Did I mention that I found this site at 10:30 at night? It made me unbelievably hungry with pictures like:

Finding Food Gawker required me to create a new favorites folder on my computer titled “Things I Must Make”. And I am pretty sure that it has about a hundred recipes in there already.

While greedily filling my Things I Must Make folder, I stumbled upon the photo that inspired my pre-baby list item #2:

So, what is my pre-baby list item #2? Learn how to make a beautiful cake! This cake is gorgeous! I want to be able to make amazing cakes for my kids birthdays, holidays and any other occasion which might possibly justify a cake.

Honestly, I would be ecstatic to be able to make a cake that looks like this:

The last time I tried to make a layer cake, the top layer wouldn’t stay put. It slid right off the lower layer and when I tried to make it stay, it broke apart. Not to say that it didn’t taste good. It tasted great, but I earned an F- for appearance.

Pre-baby list item #3 is learn how to convert deliciously unhealthy recipes into deliciously healthy (or at least healthier) recipes. A lot of the food on Food Gawker is composed of approximately 75% butter. Not cool, guys. I know butter makes everything pretty much amazing, but I don’t need to gain the baby weight while completing my pre-baby list! So, I will be working on converting the amazing recipes I find on Food Gawker into something that I don’t feel (too) bad eating.

Now that I have two items on my pre-baby list, I believe it is actually a list now – and it is growing by the day . . . sorry, mom and mother-in law!!


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