The Burqa Stroller (and my Things I Want list)

5 Aug

I subscribe to a bunch of daily deal websites. Recently, I received a daily deal for a Burqa Stroller.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t actually supposed to be a burqa stroller, but you cannot tell me that isn’t what it looks like.

In all truthfulness, this stroller actually led me to start a new list: Things I Want. I actually really want this stroller. Sans burqa (which is actually a sun shade), it looks like this:

The second seat is detachable, so when you have your first kid, you have a stroller for one, but when the second one comes along, you have a double stroller so the baby has one seat and the toddler has the other. Awesomely amazing, or what? AND the stroller comes with a sun shade and storm cover. But, it also comes with a $760 price tag (the daily deal price was $460). Perhaps my list should be called Things I Want That Are Too Damn Expensive. *Sigh*


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