Kodak EasyShare Z990 Max Camera Review

10 Aug

The first item on my pre-baby list was to learn to take amazing photographs. Unfortunately, my Nikon Coolpix, though wonderful, just wasn’t doing it for me. I wanted something that had at least some manual options. I also wanted something that took better pictures on auto mode.

I made a list of cameras that I would like. Then, I looked at prices and lowered my sights a bit. (Sorry, future baby, $600 for a camera is just too much if I am not a professional photographer – which I am not!) I found the Kodak EasyShare Z990 Max on Best Buy.com for $264.99.  That was much more in my price range. So, I bought it and I have experimented with it a bit.

Things I Love:

  • Full manual mode option
  • Aperture priority option
  • Shutter priority option
  • Dial to facilitate easy switching between different modes
  • Panoramic feature
  • Great photos, even in low light (see the picture of my nephew to the right. There were no lights on in the room, since he was sleeping and I couldn’t use the flash, also since he was sleeping.)
  • Automatic mode that takes nice pictures (the low light photo of my nephew is an example, as is the palm tree picture below.)
  • Stabilization (even when I take photos that use the zoom or photos with a long shutter speed, such as night photos, the pictures are rarely blurred)
  • Full HD video
Things I Dislike:
  • Lag time between photos (this isn’t really a killer for me, I am not taking photos of professional sports or anything, but it can be annoying when I want to quickly take a photo from another angle.)
  • Size (it seems much bigger after my little point-and-shoot!)
  • Battery cover can be difficult to close
  • Loud zoom (this may seem like an odd issue to have, but you can actually hear the zoom in some of my quieter videos!)
  • Battery life (I charged the batteries and took 189 pictures over a long weekend and the batteries were almost dead.)
Of course, this isn’t a professional photographer’s review of this camera. This is my I-want-to-take-cute-pictures-of-family review. If you are a hobbyist or someone who just wants to be able to take nice photos, this is a camera I would definitely recommend. This is a great point-and-shoot-plus camera. It has a great automatic mode with lots of room to experiment.
I leave you with a picture from my long weekend. Rest assured, more photos and reviews of things I did in Sarasota, Florida are soon to follow! Also, if you want to see more pictures taken with the Z990, click the “photography” blog topic to the right.

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