Exercise Routine #2

11 Aug

So . . . epic fail on getting this routine posted on time. I said August 1st and its . . . August 11. But, in my defense I a) was on vacation, b) didn’t end up liking some of the workouts I picked out, and c) did the workouts by August 1st, then forgot to write reviews for some, and then forgot what the reviews were supposed to say. I know, it is no less of an epic fail, but there you go.

Anyway, this is the workout routine that I will be doing until September 3. I’ll then switch to my Exercise Routine #3 (which is yet to be created, but will hopefully be more on time than this one). Then, I will rotate back to Routine #1. I’ll get back to Routine #2 on November 26, 2011 (using 5 lb weights), February 18, 2012 (using 8 lb weights), and June 23, 2012 (using 8 lb weights). And after that I won’t rotate back for a while because I will probably be pregnant (what?!?!?) and have to modify this routine fairly substantially.


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Dorm Room Workout Thighs, Hips and Buns Yoga


Dynamic Sculpt and Stretch

Strength Interval


Straight to the Core

Big Day Bootcamp


Cardio Sculpt and Burn

Yoga Abs (Part 2)


Cardio Sculpting




Dorm Room Workout – This workout alternates between cardio and sculpting intervals. This means that this workout helps you both lose weight and strengthen and tone muscles. Not bad for 30 minutes! You will need a pair of light hand weights.


During pregnancy: This workout involves some high impact moves like jumping jacks and also has a few minutes of ab work on your back. I think this is a workout which I could do a bit into the second trimester, but I think that it would become uncomfortable further into pregnancy.


Rating: 4


Thighs, Hips and Buns Yoga – This workout is really tough on my thighs, and you definitely can feel the results the next day! I really enjoy the workout, though. Just as soon as I feel like I could not possibly hold the pose any longer, the instructor says “just a few more breaths” and I try to hold it for just a bit longer. I enjoy this workout and I feel like it gives great results.


During pregnancy – This workout involves balancing postures and several minutes spent on the back, so I probably wouldn’t  continue with this workout past the first trimester.


Rating: 3


Dynamic Sculpt and Stretch – You’ll need a light pair of hand weights for this one. This workout uses sculpting intervals with stretches in between. The intervals can be challenging, but there are plenty of stretch breaks.


During pregnancy – I will definitely continue this workout into pregnancy. There are no balancing or postures on the back and it tones diaper bag carrying muscles!


Rating: 2


Strength Interval – This workout uses short cardio intervals with intervals of strength training. I think I was sweating within the first few minutes! I felt a bit sore for the rest of the day, but that means it’s working, right?


During pregnancy – This would be one that would be pretty easy to modify to use later in pregnancy. There are some jumping exercises, but even the instructor says that you can modify the moves to eliminate the jumping if you don’t feel up to it.


Rating: 4


Straight to the Core – This is an intense ab workout. I think my abs were shaking within 3 minutes of starting. I definitely think I will see results with this one!


During pregnancy – This workout is done exclusively on your back, so it isn’t one I would be able to do after the first trimester.


Rating: 4


Big Day Bootcamp – This is a great upper body workout with some good cardio/lower body mixed in. My arms were literally shaking by the end! I guess that’s how you know it’s working, right? You’ll need hand weights for this one.


During pregnancy – There is one stretch in the warm-up that might twist too much for any time after the first trimester. There is also 2-3 minutes worth of ab work on your back towards the end. But I think that if I skipped those things, I could definitely continue this workout throughout pregnancy.


Rating: 3


Cardio Sculpt and Burn – This is a good cardio follow-up to Big Day Bootcamp. This workout calls for a light pair of hand weights. I used 1 lb to start out. There is a lot of swinging the weight around and I worry that if I use more weight I will end up pulling something.


During pregnancy – Because you are swinging the weights around so much, I would not continue this workout during pregnancy since your ligaments are looser during pregnancy, increasing the risk of pulling a ligament. Additionally, there is some ab work during the second half of the workout that probably calls for a bit too much twisting to be good during pregnancy.


Rating: 3


Yoga Abs (Part 2) – This is actually a gentler workout than I typically do. However, I loved the way that it focused on pulling your abs in while doing moderate exercise. I felt like I got a really great ab workout, even without more strenuous postures. As a side note, you can skip the last segment, it is more credits and summary speech than workout.


During pregnancy – Though this workout is gentler, it spends a lot of time on the back or stomach, so it probably is not a workout I would continue past the first trimester. However, Yoga Abs Part 1 would be a great workout to continue throughout pregnancy.


Rating: 2


Cardio Sculpting – This workout had me sweating within the first minute and a half. No kidding. It is a tough cardio workout, but is a good, quick-and-dirty cardio routine to follow up the gentler yoga practice of Yoga Abs.


During pregnancy – I think that this workout is too intense to continue into pregnancy. Though it feels very effective, there is a lot of jumping, leaning and fast-paced moves.


Rating: 4


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