Share Your Life – Baby Shower Ideas

26 Aug

This blog is a record of my pre-baby planning, so of course I have thought about what I would like to have at my baby shower. Thankfully, while I have been engaged in my pre-baby planning, my sister-in-law announced that she was pregnant. I planned her baby shower. We hosted it at a local lake and had a cookout, with plenty of (fairly) healthy recipes and fun games.

We started off, of course, with a cute invitation (the image below was edited to remove their personal information).

We selected an outdoor site to take advantage of our beautiful Florida weather.

We picked a nice shady spot to set up.

The weather was just warm enough for our guests to enjoy the lake setting, but not too hot (even for the expectant mom).

Paul helped with the cooking . . .

. . . as did the dad-to-be.

We had hamburgers, healthy chocolate cupcakes (I used blue food coloring to color the frosting in honor of their baby boy!), healthy brownies, healthy potato salad and squid.

No recipe for the squid, sorry. But the mom-to-be is originally from China, so we had some of her “comfort food”.

Everyone enjoyed the food . . .

. . . strange though some of it was.

Then, it was time for games. The first game was the toilet paper game, of course. All of our guests guessed how many pieces of toilet paper it would take to wrap around the mom-to-be’s belly.

Then, the mom-to-be wrapped some toilet paper around her belly and whomever got closest won.

The next game was the baby food tasting game. We did a blind taste test of baby foods and each tried to guess which baby foods were which.

I’ll be honest, they were pretty gross.

But, it was a lot of fun. We concluded our games with a game called “Conception or Contraction”. Each guest was given a sheet of paper with 6 pictures on it. Like these ones:

And our guests had to guess whether the woman was conceiving or having a contraction. A bit inappropriate, I know, but it was a very funny game!

Overall, I would definitely recommend an outdoor cookout baby shower. We did ours in early April in Florida and we had a great time.


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