The Ringling Museum and Breakfast House Review (Sarasota Day 3)

28 Aug

This was the last day that Paul and I spent in Sarasota. We started off the day with breakfast at The Breakfast House. We had never been before, but the reviews online looked good, so we headed over. The Breakfast House is a house. Really. So the parking lot and inside is pretty small, but very cozy. One note is that the only waiting area they have is outside, so if it is hot or raining (not that it would ever be hot or raining in Florida . . .), then the wait can be uncomfortable. We were there at about 10:30, so it wasn’t too hot and the 10 minute wait wasn’t too long.

I had the quiche and it was delicious! The coffee was also very good, but it was a bit warm inside the building so I couldn’t drink as much of it as I wanted.

After a delicious breakfast, we went over to the Ringling Museum of Art. The Museum is quite large and includes an art museum, a circus museum, a rose garden and the Ringling’s home, which itself is full of art and antiques. It is definitely a full day trip.
The art museum also has a beautiful courtyard.
The inside is a very grand space and the interior design is very well-matched to what is on display.
This is my favorite painting. I love the expression on her face.
After we enjoyed the museum, we headed home. We will definitely be returning to Sarasota, the Hyatt, Lido Beach, Cha Cha Coconuts, the Breakfast House and the Ringling Museum.

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