Things I Want – A Baby Girl

4 Sep

Paul really wants a girl. Therefore, I tell him all the time that a boy would be way better. However, my sister-in-law just had a baby boy and while shopping for his baby shower, Christmas and other miscellaneous gifts, I realized, there are not many cute outfits out there for baby boys. Not to say that my nephew isn’t adorable. He is. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t what to coo over those cheeks??

But, while he is always a well-dressed kid, he doesn’t have any of those outfits that make you just want to melt. Because . . . well, they just don’t seem to exist.

Kristin over at Project Baby posted about where she gets all of her amazingly cute baby clothes for her little girl. I figured I would check the stores out and see if there were any cute clothes for my nephew for Christmas. (Yes, I think ahead. Seriously? Are you surprised? This blog is my plan to conceive a baby in September of 2012.)

Anyway, I was checking out all of her haunts for cute baby clothes and the girls clothes were amazing! The boys clothes were . . . cute, I guess. Judge for your self.

For girls we have:

And for boys we have:

And I really tried to get cute boys stuff. With the girls stuff, it was just like “Oh, this is cute. And look at that! Oh and this one is adorable!” For the boys stuff, it was a hunt to find cute clothes.

So, apparently, Paul was right. We want a girl.

P.S. – No, I am not really deciding that we want a girl based on the clothing available. And, honestly, I would be happy either way.


One Response to “Things I Want – A Baby Girl”

  1. Fantastico September 5, 2011 at 8:54 am #

    Paul here – I suppose if we have a boy, we can still dress him up in cute girl clothing right? We’re very progressive parents, after all! I know one can’t really choose the gender of their child, but I have a plan. It goes like this: If I have a boy, I am still going to dress him up in cute girl clothing – maybe that pink petticoat even. No merciful God of the universe (even one that created plague, earthquakes, tsunami’s, and hang nails) would allow a boy to be born to such a parent. Ergo, He will grant us a girl. I believe that’s what they call bulletproof logic.

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