On Forgiving Our Families

11 Sep

Over the weekend, I went to Disney’s Night of Joy concerts. It was awesome, of course, but there is one part that sticks out in my mind the most. Chris August had just finished performing 7 x 70 (if you haven’t heard it, watch the video below, it will make the rest of the story make more sense).

After perfoming this song, Chris August told everyone a story about how he has always tried to find the good side of emotions, but has never been able to find the good side of bitterness. He told us that he has made an effort to replace his bitterness with forgiveness. He told us about the bitterness he held against his family for things that happened while he was growing up and how he has tried to replace that bitterness with forgiveness.

I realized that as I plan how I want to raise my kids, I had begun to resent the way I was raised. Why hadn’t my mom made sure my dad was home more? Why did my dad work 80 hours a week? Didn’t he know that we needed him at home too? On a more mundane note: Why would they think they should let a 7-year-old watch Twister? I still have nightmares about tornadoes chasing me!

I realized that though it is important for me to realize that my parents weren’t perfect and to learn from their mistakes, it’s not right for me to be bitter about their mistakes. After all, they were the same as I will be  – first time parents who didn’t really know what they were doing, but were doing the best they could.


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