That 9 Months Pregnant Feeling

15 Sep

Lately, I’ve been having some nine-months-pregnant feelings. No, not the feeling-like-I swallowed-an-entire-prize-watermelon feeling. I mean the holy-cow-this-is-really-happening feeling.

You see, my law school is collecting donations for a 3L (last year of law school) gift. And guess what, I’m a 3L. This is my last year. This is really happening. I am going to graduate law school and take the bar exam. After that, I am going to begin practicing law.

This leads me to the second part of the nine months pregnant feeling. The um-this-may-not-be-such-a-great-idea-I-mean-am-I-really-ready-for-this feeling. It is starting to seem like this whole law school thing is not such a great idea. Am I really a good person to be getting your legal advice from? There are people in the juvenile law clinic this semester who could be going to commitment for years if I don’t do a good job. This is some scary stuff. Scary like about to give birth to a child scary. I am about to give metaphorical birth to twins – a law degree and a career.

But I think I am beginning to experience some other nine months pregnant feelings too. The I’m-so-ready-to be-done-with-this feeling. The I’ve-worked-so-hard-for-this feeling. Most importantly, the you-know-what-I-really-am-ready-for-this feeling.

And, not least of all, the if-that-moron-could-do-it-I-totally-can feeling.





P.S. – Dear law school, I gave you $40,000+ for tuition. I am sure as hell not giving you a donation for a 3L gift. Can we say “Biggest scam ever?


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