Decorating for the Fall

19 Sep

The past few days have been a balmy 85 degrees here in central Florida. For most of the country, that would have you thinking summer. For me – I am feeling fall! Cooler temperatures in the morning are in the 60’s, giving you that nice crisp bite when you walk outside. Now, dear readers who live anywhere outside of Florida, stop laughing. This is fall in Florida! In honor of fall, I want to do some redecorating in our house. I want to redecorate our mantle.

I am thinking something like this:


Second, I want to get some nice false flower arrangements going. I want one for the short table we have under our TV, one for our kitchen table and a tall one to go in the (currently bare) corner of our living room. That last one might be limited by budget, we’ll see. I looked on Etsy for some arrangements to buy. Let me say, the ladies on Etsy are amazing. Truly. I love all of these arrangements!

Not to mention wreaths!

If only I had the creative talent these ladies apparently have in their little fingers!


One Response to “Decorating for the Fall”

  1. Fantastico September 20, 2011 at 8:30 am #

    Could we include this on there too:

    Pretty please?

    -Your awesome husband

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