Tiny Tailgators

20 Sep

Before each Gator game, we get together with friends to tailgate. As the years have gone by, our tailgating has changed. We started out a bunch of single college students. Now many of us have graduated and gotten married. A few of our group have had kids. So we have a new group joining us – our Tiny Tailgators.

As you can see, they add vast amounts of cuteness to our tailgating experience.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. She doesn’t look like a Tiny Tailgator. But, a) I liked the composition of this photo and b) this is my baby sister, so if she is no longer a Tiny Tailgator, I think that might make me old.

And, of course, what do Tiny Tailgators like the most?


And, just to prove that we actually did eventually cease our tailgating and go to the football game:

I was amazed that I got this shot. Our seats are at what we call the Foot of God. Yet here are the refs, standing on the center logo!

Tailgating recipes soon to come! 🙂

Go Gators!





One Response to “Tiny Tailgators”

  1. Jeanette September 21, 2011 at 9:39 pm #

    Love your tiny gators, they are adorable, so precious!

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