My Things I Want List – Awesome Organizers

22 Sep

Let me start by saying that Paul may die laughing when he reads this post. While he is laughing hysterically he will be gasping: “Really? You want something to organize things with?” and then he will dissolve into more hysterical laughter.

Because, you see, I am not the most organized person. When my husband and I first met, I didn’t really understand why laundry should be put in the hamper instead of near the hamper. I also didn’t understand why you would walk all that way to put dishes in the dishwasher. Or why a dusting of flour didn’t give our kitchen character.

But I am mostly reformed now. 🙂 My laundry is in the hamper. My dishes are in the sink or the dishwasher. My counters are cleaned after I bake (though I still haven’t mastered the art of not getting flour everywhere while I work . . . but at least I clean it up now!).

As part of my reformation process, I am becoming more organized. My course paperwork is in binders. Some of which have actual tabs. So, when I saw these bad boys, I couldn’t help but think: I want these for my closet!

Not only are these ridiculously cute and useful, but they come with pre-printed labels that are removable so you can switch them out as needed. And they are on sale for $12.99 on Zulily today. How can I resist?


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