Share Your Life – A Good Suit is Hard to Find

23 Sep

As a law student and budding attorney, I knew I needed to find a few suits that I could use for interviews and to wear to work (after a successful interview!). I knew they needed to fit well and at least look like they were high quality. I also knew that my budget wasn’t very big (law student!). On top of all that, I figured out quite quickly that there are not many places that sell professional looking women’s suits.

I tried several places with no luck. I ordered three suits from Victoria’s Secret and sent them all back. The quality was low and the fit was only so-so. I looked at Ann Taylor and loved the suits, but not the price tag.

However, my search eventually paid off! I bought two amazing suits from Express. These are my interview suits. Though the suits can be a bit expensive, special deals, like buy one get one 50% off, can help to lower the price. Plus, their fabrics are the same throughout their collection, so you can purchase pants or a skirt for your suit on clearance and get a great deal! For example, I got the skirt for my black suit for $15 on clearance!

(Full price: Jacket: $98, Pants: $69 – but I always buy BOGO or on clearance)

Another store that I had good luck with was Macy’s. They have some “cute” suits that I can use for less formal days at work, as well as more formal suits that I can use to go to court.

(Currently on sale! Jacket: $30, Pants: $29)

(On sale! Jacket: $30, Pants: $29, Skirt: $24)

(Full price: Jacket: $40, Pants: $30, Skirt: $30)

I also found that sometimes JC Penny has the same (or at least very similar) suits as Macys, but for lower prices. Have any of you found a good place to buy women’s suits? I’m always looking for more places to shop! 😉


One Response to “Share Your Life – A Good Suit is Hard to Find”

  1. Laura September 23, 2011 at 11:19 pm #

    Brooks Brothers has great suits and they tailor them for free!

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