Exercise Routine #3

2 Oct
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Rock Hard Abs

Real Housewives Upper Body

Booty Burn

Cardio shape-up



Phenomenal Abs

Yoga Refresh

Kickboxing – This kickboxing workout kicks my butt! But, the thing I love about it is that it is a sustained cardio workout. A lot of the routines I do use cardio and sculpting intervals. This workout keeps the cardio going for almost the entire workout. It really makes me feel like I have given my heart a workout! Plus, I’m sweating from approximately the second minute of the video. 😉

Rating: 5

During pregnancy: I think this workout is too intense to do after the first trimester. Plus, it has a lot of jumping and balancing moves that probably aren’t a good idea for my klutzy self to be doing after 3 months pregnant.

Sexy Beach Abs – I love this workout because it works not only your abs, but also your back. How important are your back muscles during pregnancy, right? This workout works abs, obliques, lower back and the muscles along your spine. All great muscles to strengthen to help your body handle pregnancy!

Rating: 4

During pregnancy: This workout uses a lot of moves that take place on your back, which isn’t good for any time after the first trimester. Plus, the workouts that strengthen your back muscles are pretty hard on your back. Probably your back doesn’t need any more work after carrying baby around in your belly all day, right?

Real Housewives Upper Body – This workout alternates between standing postures utilizing weights and floor work. I like this workout because my arms are always tired when I am finished – so I know it’s working! Plus, this workout includes postures to tone the back (baby and diaper bag carrying muscles!).

Rating: 4

During pregnancy – the non-floor work postures in this workout would be good for use even during pregnancy. They don’t require balance or spending time on the back or stomach.

Booty Burn – This workout is the perfect companion to the Real Housewives Upper Body workout. It focuses intensely on the lower body. This workout also uses a set of hand weights to add some extra resistance to the postures.

Rating: 3

During pregnancy – this workout does require some balancing postures and some bouncing around. I think that this workout could be continued into the second trimester, but I would be cautious and especially aware of my changing center of balance.

Cardio Shape-Up – This is a quick, high energy cardio workout. This workout can vary greatly in intensity depending on how enthusiastic you are with it. Once I got into the workout, I could really feel my heart rate going up!

Rating: 2

During pregnancy – This workout involves some jumping jacks and balancing postures, but could be easily modified to continue doing this workout during pregnancy.

10-10-10 – This workout does 10 repetitions of 10 exercises with 10 seconds to rest in between. The number of repetitions ensures that each move really fatigues the muscles that it is working. I also like this workout because once you feel like it is no longer challenging, you could increase the weight of the hand weights and make it challenging again! Plus, this workout really focuses on form, which helps to protect the joints when you first begin weight training.

Rating: 3

During pregnancy – This workout could be continued during pregnancy, with the exception of the last 5 minutes of the workout, which takes place on the back. Most of the workout takes place standing up and focuses on the number of repetitions to fatigue the muscles.

Cardio Challenge: This is a high-paced cardio workout that got my heart rate up from the first few minutes to the last few minutes. Not only was this a good cardio workout, but I feel like it also toned my body (especially my arms!).

Rating: 3

During pregnancy: The first few minutes of this workout offer a few cardio moves that seem be safe to continue throughout pregnancy. However, after those first few minutes, the workout moves on to poses that require balance or require you to lay on the floor, neither of which would be appropriate past the first trimester.

Phenomenal Abs – This is a quick ab workout. Though less intense than some of the other ab workouts I’ve done, this one targets the transverse and oblique muscles exceptionally well. And since both of those muscle groups are important to pregnancy, that’s definitely a plus!

Rating: 3

During pregnancy: The first few moves of this workout are ab exercises that you do standing up, which would be great for even the later stages of pregnancy. However, like most ab workouts, it quickly progresses to floor poses that would not be appropriate for during pregnancy.

Yoga Refresh – This is a challenging yoga workout that emphasizes the toning properties of yoga a lot more than many other yoga workouts. However, it still keeps an excellent focus on the breath and stretching throughout the workout.

Rating: 4

During pregnancy – like many yoga workouts, this workout uses a lot of back and stomach postures that would not be appropriate past the first trimester.

Now, previously, I was rotating my workouts every 6 weeks. Not only is this difficult to keep track of, but I don’t think it is entirely necessary. Rotating workouts every 6-8 weeks is important because it ensures your body doesn’t adjust to the workout (which would make the workout ineffective). However, rotating every 2 months would accomplish this same goal and it would be easier to keep track of! So, I will be doing this workout from September 25 – November 25. See? Much easier!


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