Healthy Habits – Exercise

2 Oct

There are lots of reasons to exercise – lower blood pressure, leaner body, healthier circulatory system . . . the list goes on and on. But, when I am planning for pregnancy there are even more reasons.

  • Getting fit now helps me to make sure that my body is prepared for pregnancy. I mean, over the course of my pregnancy, I will gain 25-30 lbs. That’s a lot of extra weight to carry around! I need some serious muscle to help with that.
  • Getting fit now can help to make sure I gain less weight during pregnancy. In fact, studies show that women who exercised before and during pregnancy gained 7 few pounds while pregnant.
  • Getting fit now helps me make sure my baby is healthier later. Really! Research has shown that moms who exercised gave birth to babies with healthier hearts who were less likely to be overweight as kindergarteners.
  • Getting fit now will help to get me into the habit of exercising. This will make it easier to continue exercising after conception and maybe even after birth!

So, how am I going to get fit? Well, I have created three exercise plans for myself that I will rotate through (this rotation helps to ensure that I don’t get bored and that the exercise routines remain effective). Now, how I will exercise during pregnancy is a more difficult question. I know that there are some things (really, a lot of things) that I can’t do while pregnant, especially after the first trimester. My current plan is to continue my previous workout plans during the first trimester, with my doctor’s ok, of course. Once I am past the first trimester, I am going to switch to prenatal workouts. I know that I want a plan that offers different workouts for different trimesters (I can’t imagine that I should be doing the same workout at 4 months that I should be doing at 8) and I know that I want to do prenatal yoga. Here are some of the workouts that are looking good to me!

Prego Fit Workouts: I like this workout system, because it offers different workouts for each trimester and it even offers workouts that address the symptoms I may be experiencing each month of pregnancy:


Fit for Pregnancy: This workout system also offers different

workouts for each trimester, but there are only 3 6-minute circuits per trimester and the first and second trimester are the same workouts, but the workouts are supposed to be a bit more intense than many prenantal workouts, which I think I will want if I am already in good shape when I conceive:

Perfect Pregnancy Workout Volumes 1-3: This workout system doesn’t offer different workouts for each trimester,
but the reviews make it seem like a more intense workout geared more towards women who are already fit when the conceive. Plus, volume 2 is all about prenatal yoga: ; and

Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea: This workout is all yoga. It offers modifications for each trimester:

Complete Pregnancy Fitness with Erin O’Brien: I liked this workout dvd because it offers prenatal and postnatal workout routines. Plus, the routines include cardio, strength training and stretching:

ZenMama: I liked this yoga routine because reviewers said it was a bit more advanced. All of my workout routines include at least one day of yoga, so I think I can handle a more advanced routine, even while I am pregnant:

The last issue is: how soon is too soon to buy prenatal workouts? You see, not only am I a planner, but I am a bargain-hunter. So . . . If I see a lot of prenatal workout dvds on eBay for a good price, is one year too far ahead to buy them? 


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