What kind of mom do you want to be?

8 Oct

I wrote recently about forgiving our families for the mistakes they made raising us. However, I also wrote about how important it is to learn from their mistakes. While writing that post, I really began to think about the type of mom I want to be. I thought about the characteristics of my own mother that I want to emulate as well as characteristics that I want to exemplify for my children.

Here is my list:

  1. I want to be the mom that takes tons of great pictures of her kids. I have very few pictures of when I was growing up (probably mostly because the pictures were consigned to film, which was then stuffed into a drawer somewhere, never to be seen again). I want my kids to see what they were like when they were younger and to have those memories.
  2. I want to be a godly mom. I went to church on and off as a kid, but I never remember my mom really being committed to it. It was difficult for her, because my father wouldn’t go with her. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who enjoys going to church with me, and I want to take full advantage of it! Not only do I want to do this for religious reasons, but also because it will give my kids a good environment to grow up in.
  3. I want to be a hip mom. Too often moms become frumpy after their kids are grown. I recently realized that I was becoming frumpy due to just work and class! I need to make the effort to learn to be a hip mom now so it’s easier for me to keep it going! 😉
  4. I want to be the mom that bakes amazing things. I have mentioned this one before, but unfortunately made no great progress on it!
  5. I want to be a healthy mom who teaches my kids healthy habits. When I left for college, I did not understand the value of eating fresh fruits and veggies (my dad hates anything green!) and I thought it was fine to eat frozen dinners every night. I don’t want my kids to think the same way.
  6. I want to be a nurturing mom. I want to actively show my love to my kids and I want them to know that I will always be there for them.
What are some of your favorite characteristics of your mom? What are some characteristics you try to exemplify for your kids?

One Response to “What kind of mom do you want to be?”

  1. Fantastico October 10, 2011 at 12:57 pm #

    How about a mom that makes time for herself? It’s nice to sacrifice for your children – but what’s wrong with being able to still have your own interests, dreams and aspirations? It’s not all about the kids – sometimes it can be about you too…

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