Hip Momma

11 Oct

I know, I know, this is a pretty big change from yesterday’s post. But, it’s another characteristic that I want to have – both for my kids and for Paul! I want to be the hip momma for my kids because I still remember how envious I always was of the kids who had cool moms. Their moms knew how to dress, how to use make-up . . . I mean, I learned how to apply make-up when I was researching make-up for my wedding. And I think my mom learned at the same time. No joke. If I have a girl, I want to be able to help her with things like that. And regardless of the gender of my child, I want their friends to be jealous of what a hip momma they have!

How am I working on this? Well, a few ways:

  1. Learning to accessorize. I never, ever used to wear jewelry. Recently, though, I made an effort to wear a necklace everyday. It has made such a difference! I feel like I look nicer and I have received a ton of compliments! And, to make it even better, I didn’t spend to much!
  2. Wear more dresses. I had to start dressing up for work and I realized that the choice to wear a dress instead of jeans makes just a world of difference! And I haven’t spent too much on this one either. 😉
  3. Wear mascara and lipstick. This takes just a few moments (something that will be key once we have a baby) and it makes a world of difference.
How to you fight the frump?

One Response to “Hip Momma”

  1. Fantastico October 11, 2011 at 9:51 am #

    Wow – I never realized it was so much work. I thought you just got out of bed and looked that way!

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