Baking Momma

12 Oct

One of my tasks on my pre-baby list is to learn to make amazing cakes. I have always loved baking – from fresh bread to fresh cookies! But cakes have always eluded me. I tried to make my father a cake for his birthday . . . the layers wouldn’t stay stacked, the cake split down the middle . . . but it was delicious! So, I am now trying to combine my skill with the taste part of baking a cake with some skill at the assembling part of baking a cake. My most recent attempt was this Espresso Cake with Nutella as frosting and some chopped hazelnuts on top. Yum! šŸ™‚

Looks pretty yummy, right? And it didn’t fall apart. And it didn’t break. And it tasted pretty darn good. I know that this is nothing compared to the art you can find on Food Gawker, like this amazing cake, for instance:

But, at least it stayed in one piece, which is progress!

What are your favorite cake recipes? Do you have any secrets to getting your cakes to look like art instead of a car accident?


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