Healthy Momma

13 Oct

Growing up, I was completely unaware the vegetables came in un-canned forms. I actually remember days when I would have a can of peas for dinner. Alternatively, I would have some Hamburger Helper. And I don’t mean that I ate this way once in a while. I ate this way every single day. This now disturbs me greatly. I do not own any boxes of Hamburger Helper and the only canned vegetables I have are peppers in adobe sauce. I do not want my kids growing up thinking that food comes from a can or a box.

Why? Two big reasons.


My family seriously was amazed when my father had high blood pressure. Ummm . . . really? Have you ever examined the nutrition facts on canned and pre-packaged foods? It is not a pretty sight.


Then there’s nutrition generally. Fresh veggies contain more nutrients than the canned versions. Even frozen is better than canned. Teaching my kids to eat (and perhaps even enjoy) veggies early will ensure they are healthier later. The same goes for avoiding pre-packaged meals.

So, how do I intend to accomplish this goal. First, but forming good habits now, so that they will already be in place when it will be more challenging to take the time to make healthy meals. Second, by continuing these healthy habits while pregnant. I’ve read that consuming a variety of foods while pregnant can result in a less picky child. I’m not sure how true this actually is, but I’m willing to give it a shot! Third, by abiding by a you-eat-what-I-eat mentality when my kids are small. I have a friend who does this and her daughter will eat anything! Okra, broccoli, kale . . . she’ll eat it all!

How do you teach your kids healthy eating habits?


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