Preparing for Pregnancy Symptoms

15 Oct

Pregnancy symptoms literally go from A (abdominal pain) to Z (zits). There are a few that truly scare me. This week, I am going to face my fears and think practically about my strategies to deal with them. Here are my top pregnancy symptom fears:

  1. Nausea – this is my #1. My mother tells me non-stop how sick she was with me and my sister. There were IVs, much vomiting and general feeling-like-hell-for-9-months. And all the information I have looked at says that severe nausea tends to run in families. Great.
  2. Constipation – yes, I know it’s a gross topic, but it’s a symptom that really scares me! I need to think of some practical strategies to avoid it!
  3. Swelling – this one just seems painful. And, it will be expensive enough to be buying maternity clothes, baby clothes, nursery furniture, et cetra. I don’t need to add new shoes to that list!
  4. Excessive weight gain – this may seem like a shallow one, but it is a problem that I hear a lot about. Women gain more weight than perhaps they should during pregnancy and then can’t seem to lose it afterwards.
  5. Cravings – this one and the weight gain are definately linked, but I put it on a seperate day because it scares me for more reasons than the weight gain. I worry that all my healthy eating habits will go down the drain due to bad food cravings! Not to mention the poor nutrition this would mean for the baby.
  6. Stretch marks – again, this one probably seems shallow, but I somehow managed to get stretch marks from losing 15 pounds. I dread what stretch marks from gaining and the losing 30 lbs or so will look like . . .

What were your worst pregnancy symptoms? How did you deal with them?


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