Nausea – Pregnancy Enemy #1

16 Oct

My mother: “Throwing up watermelon was the worst. I threw up a lot of things while I was pregnant with you, I mean, I threw up pretty much everything while I was pregnant with you, but the watermelon was the worst. (goes on to describe what it feels like to throw up watermelon)”

Me: “Why do you not want grandchildren?”

I am pretty much terrified of being really, really nauseated when I’m pregnant. I am determined to use as many products as necessary to avoid this. Here are my top 5 ideas to prevent terrible pregnancy nausea:

  1. Keep my blood sugar level. This will require me to be sure to get something in my stomach before I even get out of bed in the morning and continue to graze throughout the day.
  2. Ginger, ginger, and more ginger. Tea (like the Ginger Twist tea to the right), candies, recipes chock full of it . . . any way I can incorporate ginger into my diet is happening.
  3. Exercise. I know this one is an odd one, but I’ve read that women who are physically fit and continue their exercise routine during pregnancy actually have fewer problems with nausea during pregnancy.
  4. Take my vitamins with dinner. This will ensure I take them with the biggest meal of the day and will also mean that if I start feeling sick after taking the vitamin, I might be able to go to sleep and sleep it off.
  5. Preggie Pops and Drops. I have heard amazing things about using these to deal with morning sickness.
What were your anti-nausea strategies? Is there anyone out there whose mother had an awful pregnancy and then you had a great one?

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