Pregnancy Symptom – Swelling

18 Oct

Hormones + pregnant belly putting pressure on your veins + fluid retention = Swollen feet and ankles

Simple enough equation, right? The question is how to avoid that swelling. The answer is address the causes, of course!

Now, the hormones are inevitable, so unfortunately that isn’t one I can change to reduce swelling. But, you can reduce the pressure on your circulatory system. How? Well, you can:

  • Stay off your feet – keep pressure off of the veins in your feet and ankles by staying off them and elevating your feet as much as possible. And don’t cross your legs, this can make circulation problems in your feet and ankles worse!
  • Compression stockings – when I think compression stockings, I think of old men and general anti-sexiness (such as what you see to the right). But, I discovered that compression stockings are no longer the anti-sexy they used to be! You can get tights (very fashionable right now!), pantyhose or the actually almost-sexy thigh highs. Not too bad, right?
The next cause is fluid retention. There are 2 big ways to fight this one:
  1. Drink more fluids – this one seems to make no sense, but your body will actually retain less fluid if you drink more fluid.
  2. Exercise – getting in your daily workout can also help ensure that you don’t retain as much fluid.

How did you deal with pregnancy swelling?


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