Practical Changes to Prepare for Pregnancy

22 Oct

There are a lot of ways that your lifestyle will change when you have a baby. Late nights take on a different meaning. Babysitters become the equivalent of manna sent from heaven. According to Jill over at Baby Rabies, you eventually become poop-immune. But, there are also a lot of changes that should take place before you even conceive. This week is about those changes.

One change for me is that I need  to buy health insurance. I thought this would be the easiest and most mundane changes for my trying-to-conceive lifestyle. Wrong. This surpassed my multivitamin meltdown. Oh yes.

Another change that I am much more excited about is finding a more kid-friendly place to live. Not that I don’t love our current home. It’s cozy, fun to decorate for the holidays and it has a great little garden on the side. But, it’s not the place I want to raise my kids. We need more land for kids to run around and be wild. And we need more space inside for kids to run around and be wild. ;P

We also need a more baby friendly car. My wonderful, amazing husband Paul was in charge of selecting the car we have now. While it is amazingly fun to drive, I am not entirely sure how I would navigate a car seat in and out of the back seat. I’m sure Paul has a pulley system in mind . . .

I also need to think about my job. How will things work once I get pregnant? Will I need to change anything about my work routine? What about once I have the baby? What are the rules for maternity leave in a small business?

Now those last couple were all pretty big changes. But there are also a lot of little, everyday changes like lunch and beverage choice that I will have to change. Unfortunately, it looks like my 3 cups of coffee a day habit isn’t going to last and neither is my addiction to Jimmy Johns amazingly delicious Beach Club sandwich . . .

What were the most difficult practical changes when you decided to try to conceive? What about while you were pregnant?


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