Health Insurance and Pregnancy

23 Oct

My search for health insurance to cover my pregnancy has taught me many things. They can be summed up as: Health insurance is hard. It’s complicated. It’s written in a foreign language. It’s hard to find a company that will cover maternity costs.

When I first began looking at health insurance, I was overwhelmed. I didn’t understand what the plans covered and what they didn’t cover. Then, I discovered most of them didn’t cover maternity care.

Yes, that’s right, most health insurance plans in Florida don’t cover maternity care. At least if you are looking to purchase health insurance as an individual. I work for a small business and they don’t offer health insurance, so I  have to figure all of this out on my own. There is one company in Florida that will cover maternity care. Blue Cross Blue Shield is the only company that will cover maternity care.

So, once I figured that out, I almost wanted to sigh in relief. I only have to read the 5-6 plans they have that offer maternity care. Unfortunately, once I started looking at the plans, I realized it was still overwhelming. I didn’t really understand. What’s co-insurance? What’s the difference between a co-payment and co-insurance? What’s the difference between those things and a deductible? So, I had to learn the lingo.  And once I did that, I mostly understood what each plan covered. Mostly.

Once I understood what each plan covered, I could compare that to the costs of having a baby without health insurance. The savings is huge! Without health insurance, I would pay $21,690. No joke. I have no idea how we would ever afford that without health insurance. So, health insurance is a must for us.

So the last thing for me to think about was which plan we would purchase. The maternity coverage is the same for each plan. We have the option of a plan that offers excellent hospitalization coverage, but minimal coverage for doctor’s visits and more every day expenses. Alternatively, we could buy a plan that is more expensive and has a higher deductible, but covers both hospitalization and every day expenses. I still haven’t decided, but at least I have the tools now to understand the decision and make it with confidence!

What was your experience with your health care provider during pregnancy?


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