Finding a Baby (and Kid) Friendly Home

24 Oct

When we first moved into our house from our apartment, our houseseemed HUGE. We had more than one bedroom! There was a separate living room and dining room! There was more than one bathroom! And, glory of glories, there were more than 2 cabinets in the kitchen! And it had a beautiful faux stone fireplace to top it all off!

My house has shrunk in the past 5 years, though. I’m not sure if it was all the rain and heat from the Florida summers or if it was aliens with a shrink ray, but I assure you, it is much smaller than it was when we bought it. Our once-huge home now seems much too small for babies. And the yard that once seemed to separate us from our neighbors has now shrunk smaller and smaller. The annoying barking dogs next door have assisted in this process. (Although I bought a sonic sound bark stopper thing and stuck it in the bathroom window that faces their backyard and they have actually pretty much stopped. But I digress.)

I say all of that to say that we need a new house before we have kids. There are a few things that are a must for us:

  • Good school zones (of course)
  • A big, fenced yard (well, the fenced part is optional, that is something we could do ourselves pay someone else to do). This is both for the kids to play and to separate us from neighbors that may have annoying dogs/children/habits. The room for kids to play is especially important since my husband is 1 of 3 boys. And his dad was 1 of 4 sons. And his brother just had a son. Yeah.
  • At least 3 bedrooms, plus space for Paul’s office
  • A nice kitchen. After all, I’m going to be making all those gorgeous cakes, right?
  • Built within the last 10 years (our home is almost 25 years old and things are beginning to need replacing. That’s not something I want to be dealing with when I have small kids)
  • Close to my office – I’ve discovered that it’s amazing to have a 5-minute commute. It just seems to give you so much more time during your day! And I’m quite sure that with a newborn, time is something you can never have enough of!
  • And, while the house below meets all of those requirements, it absolutely fails this last one: $350,00 or under.
What were some features that you wanted in your home? What are some features that are a must for a home with kids?

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