From Camaro Convertible to Baby-Friendly Car

25 Oct

Paul and I wanted to have a fun car before we had kids. And, let me say, we have it in spades. We have a bright red, manual transmission, Camaro convertible. And I love driving it. So much.

Unfortunately, I can only imagine that I will not love trying to get a car seat in and out of the back seat. Although, I have considered that if I put the top down and then lowered the car seat in from above . . . Yes, take that as a gauge of how much I enjoy driving this car. I am considering constructing some sort of pulley system to put my yet-unconceived child into the back seat. But, since the schematics of this pulley system are yet unperfected, I need to think about what we are going to do about a baby-friendly car. It needs to have 4 doors. A back seat. Good safety ratings. And it needs to be fun to drive. I am addicted now.

I started out by looking at Car and Driver’s reviews. Paul used to own an Acura, which he loved, so I started there. I was loving the TSX and even the TSX sports wagon.

That is, I was loving them until I started reading reviews. The sports wagon lacks pick-up. Cross it off the list.

The TSX fared a bit better. Car and Driver cited its “doom-and-gloom cockpit” and stated that “the driving precision we’ve come to expect from Acura’s offerings was, well, not so much missing as dulled and dumbed down.” But,  “it offers a list of features and amenities as long as your leg” and “it’s a European Honda Accord, so resale value will remain strong and nothing should break”. And they seemed to like the 4 cylinder manual model a bit better. So, leave that at a maybe.

In the same road test that the TSX flunked, the VW CC was described as “quiet, smooth, responsive, and emanating subtle whirrings that will have you confusing it for a small V-6. Or a turbine.” And “the CC’s “bests” clogged the floodgates: best skidpad grip, best ergonomics, best fit and finish, best exterior styling, best interior styling, best handling, best transmission, best steering, best as-tested price, and best driver comfort. ” And it’s less expensive than the Acura. And it was named 2011 top IHS safety pick.

Of course, as with my dream house, the reality of spending $30,000 on a car is questionable. But a girl can dream! And buy used! 😉

What do you drive? Love it? Hate it?


One Response to “From Camaro Convertible to Baby-Friendly Car”

  1. Fantastico October 25, 2011 at 9:36 am #

    I use my husband veto on these cars. VW? No. How about a BMW 4 series or an Acura TL? Or a motorcycle with a side car!

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