The Danger of Deliciousness

27 Oct

So, the past few days, I’ve been talking about some pretty heavy stuff. Car safety ratings. Disability insurance. Health insurance. Today, I’m talking about something lighter, but equally as important: the dangers of sandwich deliciousness. That’s right, those delicious cold cuts I enjoy daily for lunch are forbidden during pregnancy. Even delicious Jimmy Johns California Club. Even though it has avocado on it, which is good for you!

What makes sandwiches so dangerous? Listeria. Listeria are bacteria that we can normally handle with ease, but during pregnancy, it is 20 times more likely to make us sick! And if we get sick, it can cause miscarriage, preterm labor and death. So, no deli meats for me.

There is one exception to that rule: deli meats are safe if they are heated until steaming hot.

So, it looks like my sandwiches must be microwaved or of the PB&J variety for nine months . . . This is going to put major cramps in my eating style.

But, since I’m trying to put healthy habits in place now, instead of once I conceive, I need to start incorporating some non-sandwich lunches into my diet. I’ve found a few categories of substitutes that look yummy:

Soups & Stews

Since I’m planning to conceive in the fall or winter season, these are great options. I could make a soup or stew for dinner and then use leftovers as lunches for a few days.

Hummus Sandwiches

Hummus is a great substitute for meat in a sandwich. It’s full of protein and nutrients.

Pasta Salads

I can make these in advance and then toss in leftover meat from dinner the night before to add some protein. And, substituting whole grain pasta can add some fiber. 🙂

How did you handle lunch during your 9 months of pregnancy?


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