Bad Beverages

28 Oct

There are so many things I enjoy drinking. My absolute #1 is coffee. Yes, I’m sure you can see where this is going. Coffee = caffeine and caffeine is to be minimized during pregnancy. Now, I know there are many of you who say “just switch to decaf!” I’m sorry, but it’s just not the same. I have the brand and roast of coffee I like and decaf just doesn’t taste the same! I tried it for the purposes of this post. It was still alright, but just not the same. So, I have no choice but to cut my coffee intake. I can have one cup per day and still be within the recommended amount of caffeine.

Now, I know these posts are about how I’m going to start healthy pregnancy habits now, but this is one thing I just cannot part with until I have to. In fact, knowing that I can’t drink coffee while pregnant will serve only to increase my enjoyment (and consumption) of coffee now, because I know someday in the not-too-far future I will be sniffing around that second pot of coffee Paul has brewed knowing that I’ve already had my one cup and that I’ll just have to settle for sniffing Paul’s steaming cup of freshly brewed, amazingly delicious coffee.

Now, a close second to coffee is wine. Pinot noir. Merlot. Red. White. Delicious. But, of course, wine contains alcohol and cannot be consumed during pregnancy. No, not even a sip. Not for me. Like coffee, I will not be cutting wine out until I have to. And like coffee, I will be enjoying wine so much more during the limited time we have together. In fact, Paul and I are taking our last-hurrah-before-pregnancy trip to wine country. Yes, wine and I will not part until the last moment.

Thinking about these “bad beverages” taught me something important about planning my pregnancy: there are some things I really, really won’t want to give up. I should enjoy those things as much as possible now. Because someday I won’t be able to enjoy them.

What was the hardest thing for you to give up during pregnancy? Did you replace it with something else?


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