Adult Beverages and Post-31 Days

31 Oct

Yesterday, I talked about how important it is to enjoy traveling before getting pregnant and having kids. I mentioned that Paul and I are going to travel to Napa Valley on our pre-pregnancy-moon. This brings me to the second thing I want to enjoy before getting pregnant: adult beverages. And not just alcohol.

When you’re pregnant, you’re not supposed to consume more than 200 mg of coffee. That is the equivalent of one, measly, tiny12-ounce cup of coffee. One. That’s it. *Sigh* This means that my 2-3 cup a day habit has to go. Or go decaf at the very least.

And, of course, I want to enjoy the regular kinds of adult beverages, too. It seems like I just acquired a taste for wine, and now I’m talking about giving it up! So, before I have to trade in my wine glass for a water glass, I’m going to enjoy my wine, and other adult beverages, as fully as possible.

Now, today’s post and yesterday’s post both stemmed from a lesson that I learned from 31 Days: Enjoy not being pregnant. However, I also learned another lesson: Discipline and habit are important in blogging. So, I’m going to start some regular features for post-31 days. You can expect:

 Sweet Shot Tuesdays – On Tuesdays, I’ll post my favorite photos from the previous weekend and discuss any photography techniques that I learned that weekend.

Thanksgiving Thursdays – With less than a month (gasp!) until Thanksgiving, I need to start practicing my recipes! So, each Thursday, I’ll post a recipe that I experimented with that week. You can expect things like this:


And you can also expect that I will post at least three posts each week. 🙂

Thanks for joining me for 31 days!


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