Exercising in the Morning

7 Nov

I’ve talked a lot about the importance of exercise, both generally and specifically in the context of planning pregnancy and being pregnant. But, to be honest, I was having trouble getting in my 5 30-minute workouts in every week. I was doing one or two workouts after work every week. I was grocery shopping, studying, snacking . . . pretty much anything other than exercising.

So, I decided something needed to change. I needed to schedule my workout at a time when I’m not so easily distracted. I decided to try to workout in the morning instead. I was worried about getting up earlier and I was worried about eating and then working out in a short time frame. But, I was able to conquer both of those issues and I now workout every morning. Here are my tips for successfully working out in the morning:

  • Take a “digestion break” – I take a half hour break between eating and exercising. This allows me to digest enough that I have energy to workout and ensures that I won’t be nauseated while working out.
  • Eat a light but complex breakfast – I love having Kashi Go Lean cereal for breakfast. It’s light enough that it doesn’t weigh me down during my workout, but it has complex carbs and protein to help fuel my workout.
  • Rearrange your schedule to minimize how early you have to wake up – this may mean performing some tasks the night before or just rearranging your morning routine to do tasks during your digesting break. I pack my lunch and prepare the coffee during my digestive break. Moving these tasks to this time allows me to wake up only a half hour earlier and still fit everything in.
  • Skip your vitamin until after your workout – I took my vitamin before my workout one day and I felt so sick during my workout. Taking my vitamin later solves this issue completely.
In addition to actually getting my workouts in every day, I’ve also found that working out in the morning makes me feel more energetic and fit throughout the day. Definitely a benefit that helps me wake up just a little bit earlier every day! 🙂
What are your strategies for getting your workout in every day?

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