Sweet Shot Tuesday: Capturing Perpetual Motion

22 Nov

My husband and I are getting to that age where most of our friends have babies and toddlers. One of my motivations for learning more about photography was to capture my own children’s lives. So, I figured I would practice on friend’s children. 🙂 I have learned something very important from this – infants are fairly easy. They are perpetually cute and usually don’t move too much.

Exhibit A:

So cute. So still.

Toddlers, on the other hand are perpetually cute and perpetually in motion. There’s dancing, running while in a perpetual state of falling, wiggling, and, occasionally  walking at a pace that doesn’t make you fear for their lives. Occasionally. When I set out to capture a few shots of my friend’s toddler I discovered just how difficult it can be to capture the elusive perpetually moving toddler. She was being excessively cute by collecting leaves around our tailgating site. I tried to get a photo of this cuteness, but just as soon as she was in perfect focus, she stood up and ran towards me. The result?

Out of focus toddler:

At this point, I was about to give up. This is a photo of the leaf she gave me. It stayed still, let me compose the shot, get it in focus . . .

But her cuteness convinced me to try some more. So I found strategies to keep her still. For, example, I used Paul:

Her mother:

And a juice box:

How to you corral the kids into staying still for long enough for photos?


One Response to “Sweet Shot Tuesday: Capturing Perpetual Motion”

  1. leasexpert November 22, 2011 at 9:39 am #

    wow – great job with the shots! Using the Juice Box is a great idea. You probably have to treat toddler photography a lot like sports photography. You’ll have to have the camera options set and ready for when that photo opportunity presents itself.

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