Make-up Monday: Lip Layers (or How to Get the Perfect Lip)

5 Dec

When I was learning to apply make-up for my wedding, a wonderfully helpful staff member at the Body Shop showed me this lip layering tick to get full and lasting lip color. It takes a bit longer than just applying a quick layer of lipstick, but it is easier to touch up and maintain throughout the day.

Step 1: Apply a layer of lip balm (right now, I’m using the Baby Lips lip balm). This fills in any cracks or other unwanted texture on your lips, provides a base for the other layers, and, if you use a moisturizing balm, it also moisturizes.

Step 2: Line your lips with lip liner, then fill them in. Yes, that’s right, fill your entire lip in with the liner. I’m using Covergirl Lasting Lip Pencil. I like it because it goes on easily because it is creamier than a standard lip liner pencil.

Step 3: Apply your lipstick as you normally would. The lipsticks I like right now are the Covergirl Continuous Color lipstick and The Body Shop Colourglide lipstick.

Step 4 (optional): Apply a lip gloss over the top to give a shiny, full look. I usually do this if I’m going out with friends, but not if I’m just going to work. Right now, I’m using The Body Shop’s Pearly Lip Stain.

What are your best make-up tips?


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