Pregnancy Workouts – The Perfect Pregnancy Workout, Volume 2

3 Apr

Have you ever wondered what pregnancy workouts are like? As someone who is planning on having to do pregnancy workouts in the semi-near future, I was curious if the workouts were challenging or if pregnancy workouts are just super-easy, just-make-you-feel-like-you-did-something workouts.

I am fairly fit. My weekly routine is:

Monday: Cardio/strength training (30 minutes)

Tuesday: Yoga (30 – 45 minutes)

Wednesday: Cardio/strength training (30 minutes) – In the next few weeks, I am going to switch this workout over to a high intensity interval workout. Probably one by Jillian Michaels’ workouts.

Thursday: Yoga (30 minutes)

Friday: Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 (37 minutes – yeah, I am counting those extra 7 minutes, because every minute of that workout kicks my butt)

So, as you can see, I don’t exercise for a long time each day, but I try to take time each day to workout and I try to challenge myself. I don’t want to stop being fit for the 9 months I’m pregnant, so I was curious if the pregnancy workouts out there would be challenging enough to keep up my current level of fitness. Now, I know that once I switch over to pregnancy workouts, I will have an extra 10lbs or so to lug around, so even easier workouts will be more difficult. However, I think that the workout would need to be at least moderately difficult now to translate to a good workout later.

So, in my quest for answers, I tried out my first pregnancy workout: The Perfect Pregnancy Workout, Volume 2. This is a yoga workout (since today was my yoga day) and lasts 35 minutes. The back panel has pictures of a fairly pregnant Sarah Steben doing poses like this:


Yes, that’s right, the packaging for the workout shows a pregnant woman doing a handstand. I’ll admit, I was intimidated. I don’t think I could get my non-pregnant self into a handstand. And I’m sure my non-pregnant side planks are probably not that pretty. But, to my surprise, it was only a moderately difficult yoga practice. I can currently do most of the advanced poses without difficulty. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who isn’t experienced with yoga. There is no instruction on the poses or postures and the cuing is not so good. But, once you realize what she wants you to do, it’s actually a nice, moderate yoga practice that stretches the hips and hamstrings in a wonderful way. 🙂





PS – I’m pretty sure that my doing a pregnancy workout freaked Paul out a little.


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