My Final Final

26 Apr

Today I submitted my final law school Final Exam. So I am almost, unofficially a law school graduate. I think I should feel more excited about it . . . but with three months of studying for the bar exam looming ahead of me, it’s hard to get excited. It’s almost like finishing one degree and starting right away on the other.

But, even though I’ll just be moving on to a different type of class, I still have to have a graduation party! I went prom dress shopping with my younger sister and looked at some dresses, but they were all not quite right (either in fit or in price tag). I was thinking about getting a new dress again today – and then I sat down and read a chapter in Breathe, which generally talks a lot about the importance of simplicity in our lives. This chapter was all about how we clutter our lives with so much unnecessary stuff that we just don’t need. I thought about that. Do I need a new dress? No, of course not. I certainly have plenty to pick from and won’t go nude if I don’t buy one. And what good will one do me? More clutter in the closet . . . and another item on the stuff I just don’t need list. So, Paul, you should thank Keri Kent for writing her book – it just save you on having to pay for a new graduation dress. 🙂



One Response to “My Final Final”

  1. leasexpert April 27, 2012 at 12:15 am #

    I don’t think anyone really NEEDS a new dress for a specific event. When they say “I need to go buy a dress for such-and-such an occasion” what they really want is to be able to have the experience of buying a dress. It’s fun to go and buy a specific dress for Prom , or an important party. That way the important event lasts longer (it starts the day you begin shopping, and lasts until the end of the party). The problem starts when people don’t enjoy the process of shopping – if it’s torture to find a dress for graduation, then that’s not fun. If it’s an enjoyable event filled with strolls into stores, and rest-stops at cafe’s, then it stops becoming about the dress as an object, and turns into the dress as an experience. And, there’s nothing wrong with cluttering your life up with experiences 🙂

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