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Sweet Shot Tuesday – Holiday Decor

30 Nov

More photos to follow once everything is finished! If you want to see more holiday decor, there is a great link up here.


How to Make (Inexpensive) Fall Flower Arrangements

30 Sep

A few days ago, I redecorated my living room for fall. I made two floral arrangements, one for the mantle and one for the table. I made mine using fake flowers, but you could do the same thing with live flowers. Here are my two arrangements:

Here is my how-to, including how I selected my materials and put these arrangements together.

1. Find a base.

  • This may seem like an odd first step. After all, shouldn’t you find your flowers first? I opted to select my base first because I knew there were a ton of options for flowers, but not very many options for nice bases, especially if I didn’t want to spend a lot on the base. Both of the bases I selected were $5 each.
  • When I was looking for a base, I wanted something that would match a fall theme, but not shout “FALL!”. Why? So that I could repurpose the bases for other seasons! My bucket base, for instance, could also be used for a spring flower arrangement or even a winter arrangement, especially if I tied some winter themed ribbon around it.

2. Select the flowers for your arrangements.

  • I would recommend selecting the flowers for your arrangements all at once. This allows you to coordinate the types and colors of flowers that you pick. I used sunflowers in both arrangements so that the arrangements matched, but I used different shades so that one arrangement was a bit brighter than the other. When you are selecting your flowers, don’t be shy! Build your arrangement right there in the store so you can see if you like it!
  • Pick more than one type and color of flower. This will add texture to your arrangement. This is not to say that a single color or type of flower can’t look nice, but an arrangements with a few types and colors of flowers is usually more eye-catching.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just flowers in your arrangements! I also picked out some berries to stick in my arrangement to add some texture.
  • Be creative! Put together flowers that you wouldn’t typically think of going together (like the sunflowers and hydrangeas in my darker arrangement). Since you’re building your arrangement in the store, you can make sure you like your combination before you head home.
  • Know before you go. Before you head out, look at some arrangements online to get inspired. This will help you figure out what you like in an arrangement.

3. Build your arrangement

  • If you have a base with a narrow opening, you probably won’t need any floral foam to hold the flowers in place. If you have a base with a wide opening, you may need some foam to hold the flowers in place. If you do need some foam, remember that you can cut the foam down to size if it is cheaper to get an uncut piece.
  • If you have a base with a wide opening, you will need some covering to hide the foam. I used small pieces of fall-colored raffia. You can also use moss.
  • Since you planned your arrangement in-store, creating the arrangement when you get home will just mean sticking the flowers through your covering and into the foam.
Most importantly: Have fun!

P.S – Be sure to check back tomorrow since it will be the first day of my 31 Days series!

Tips for a Great Fall Mantle (or how to redecorate for fall for under $100)

28 Sep

A few days ago, I was salivating over some of the creative fall decorations over at Etsy. I mentioned that it was cooling off here in Central Florida . . . that was a mistake. We had feels-like highs in the high 90s since then! SIGH. I guess I jinxed it . . . but truly, Florida weather, how can you tease me like this?

To make matters worse, I got so excited about fall that I went all-out decorating my living room. So now, sitting inside, you feel like the weather should be cool and crisp outside. Then, you step outside and melt in the heat.

But, on the bright side, my living room looks ready for fall, don’t you think?

And, I redecorated the whole room for $100!

Here are my Top Ten Tips for decorating a fall mantle and living room (without spending too much).

  1. Be sure to vary the height of your mantle decorations. This creates a few points of interest on your mantle and guides the eye across the mantle.
  2. Don’t fear filler! I debated whether to buy those leaves you see on the mantle. But they make great filler and keep the mantle from looking empty.
  3. Use traditional fall colors so that your room “feels” like fall, but through in an atypical color or two. For me, I used these dark purple hydrangeas.
  4. Don’t neglect the other spaces in your room just because your focal point is the mantle! I also made sure to have a few decorations standing on the floor/fireplace seat and I also decorated my tabletops.
  5. Find items that you can re-purpose. The candle holder sitting on the TV tabletop is from my wedding. I just switched out the pink and cream candles for orange and cream candles.
  6. When re-purposing, remember that you can sometimes disassemble things you already have around the house. These candle holders were originally part of a larger wrought iron candle holder. I took out the glass portions and scattered them around my room.
  7. Speaking of disassembling, remember that sometimes assembling a decoration yourself can save a lot of money without requiring too much work. For example, I bought a tin decoration and added scented branches to make this:
  8. Watch for sales! Most of the items in this room were 40-50% off at Michael’s!
  9. Use stores you might not normally think of to find craft supplies. I got some several of the items in this room (or their component parts) at Ross.
  10. Challenge your creativity! I was recently lamenting over the fact that some women can make such beautiful faux flower arrangements while I can’t. Well, it turns out I can! I made both of the arrangements in this room myself (tutorial soon to follow).
For more fall decoration ideas, check out this link-up:

Decorating for the Fall

19 Sep

The past few days have been a balmy 85 degrees here in central Florida. For most of the country, that would have you thinking summer. For me – I am feeling fall! Cooler temperatures in the morning are in the 60’s, giving you that nice crisp bite when you walk outside. Now, dear readers who live anywhere outside of Florida, stop laughing. This is fall in Florida! In honor of fall, I want to do some redecorating in our house. I want to redecorate our mantle.

I am thinking something like this:


Second, I want to get some nice false flower arrangements going. I want one for the short table we have under our TV, one for our kitchen table and a tall one to go in the (currently bare) corner of our living room. That last one might be limited by budget, we’ll see. I looked on Etsy for some arrangements to buy. Let me say, the ladies on Etsy are amazing. Truly. I love all of these arrangements!

Not to mention wreaths!

If only I had the creative talent these ladies apparently have in their little fingers!