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Nurturing Momma

14 Oct

I didn’t realize how important being nurturing was to me until a recent conversation I had with my sister-in-law, Susan, and my friend, Cathy:

Cathy: I worry about having a second baby now. I am worried that since the second baby will be born when Harrison is going into Kindergarten, I won’t be able to give him enough attention while he’s making that transition. What if he needs help with his homework but I’m too busy with the baby?

Susan: I think you are too focused on nurturing your kids. I mean, no one ever helped my parents with their homework and they turned out just fine.

Holly: *totally dumbfounded and rendered completely speechless* (inside voice: Are you kidding me?!? Seriously?!? You’re nurturing your kids too much by making sure you are there for them when they need you?!?)

I want to be nurturing. I want my kids to know that I will be there for them when they need me. I want them to know that I will always be there. I think that security is important to give them the courage to go out on their own.

Another friend had previously told me about a nurturing habit that she has with her two kids that I absolutely love. She puts the kids to bed 30 minutes or so before actual bed time. She takes those 30 minutes to sit with her kids and talk to them or read to them, just her and one of her children. She alternates nights with each of the children and whichever child she isn’t with, her husband is with. I love that! I especially like that each child has time alone to spend with mom and time alone to spend with dad.

I plan on starting my nurturing early. Before they can understand the concept of a parent being there to support them emotionally, they can understand the closeness of having a parent that is close physically. Hence, my new additions to my Things I Want list:

Did you use slings or carriers with your kids? How do you let your kids know that you are there for them?


My Things I Want List – Awesome Organizers

22 Sep

Let me start by saying that Paul may die laughing when he reads this post. While he is laughing hysterically he will be gasping: “Really? You want something to organize things with?” and then he will dissolve into more hysterical laughter.

Because, you see, I am not the most organized person. When my husband and I first met, I didn’t really understand why laundry should be put in the hamper instead of near the hamper. I also didn’t understand why you would walk all that way to put dishes in the dishwasher. Or why a dusting of flour didn’t give our kitchen character.

But I am mostly reformed now. 🙂 My laundry is in the hamper. My dishes are in the sink or the dishwasher. My counters are cleaned after I bake (though I still haven’t mastered the art of not getting flour everywhere while I work . . . but at least I clean it up now!).

As part of my reformation process, I am becoming more organized. My course paperwork is in binders. Some of which have actual tabs. So, when I saw these bad boys, I couldn’t help but think: I want these for my closet!

Not only are these ridiculously cute and useful, but they come with pre-printed labels that are removable so you can switch them out as needed. And they are on sale for $12.99 on Zulily today. How can I resist?

Things I Want – All-in-one Baby Food Maker

6 Sep

I think it would be awesome to make my own baby food. This is partly because we ate baby food from jars at my sister-in-law’s baby shower and all of the non-fruit ones were awful! Mango, pear, we could handle, country breakfast or turkey dinner. Barf.

But, really, who has time to cook, move the food, blend it, move it again, then reheat it later in a separate appliance? That is where my new Things I Want List item comes in. This thing is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. It steams, it blends, it reheats, it defrosts, it’s BPA free, it folds your laundry and changes diapers.

And, all for only $149,95.

Yeah. I actually think I could get a steamer, blender and microwave for that much. But it is super cool. That’s what gift registries are for, right?

Things I Want – A Baby Girl

4 Sep

Paul really wants a girl. Therefore, I tell him all the time that a boy would be way better. However, my sister-in-law just had a baby boy and while shopping for his baby shower, Christmas and other miscellaneous gifts, I realized, there are not many cute outfits out there for baby boys. Not to say that my nephew isn’t adorable. He is. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t what to coo over those cheeks??

But, while he is always a well-dressed kid, he doesn’t have any of those outfits that make you just want to melt. Because . . . well, they just don’t seem to exist.

Kristin over at Project Baby posted about where she gets all of her amazingly cute baby clothes for her little girl. I figured I would check the stores out and see if there were any cute clothes for my nephew for Christmas. (Yes, I think ahead. Seriously? Are you surprised? This blog is my plan to conceive a baby in September of 2012.)

Anyway, I was checking out all of her haunts for cute baby clothes and the girls clothes were amazing! The boys clothes were . . . cute, I guess. Judge for your self.

For girls we have:

And for boys we have:

And I really tried to get cute boys stuff. With the girls stuff, it was just like “Oh, this is cute. And look at that! Oh and this one is adorable!” For the boys stuff, it was a hunt to find cute clothes.

So, apparently, Paul was right. We want a girl.

P.S. – No, I am not really deciding that we want a girl based on the clothing available. And, honestly, I would be happy either way.

The Burqa Stroller (and my Things I Want list)

5 Aug

I subscribe to a bunch of daily deal websites. Recently, I received a daily deal for a Burqa Stroller.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t actually supposed to be a burqa stroller, but you cannot tell me that isn’t what it looks like.

In all truthfulness, this stroller actually led me to start a new list: Things I Want. I actually really want this stroller. Sans burqa (which is actually a sun shade), it looks like this:

The second seat is detachable, so when you have your first kid, you have a stroller for one, but when the second one comes along, you have a double stroller so the baby has one seat and the toddler has the other. Awesomely amazing, or what? AND the stroller comes with a sun shade and storm cover. But, it also comes with a $760 price tag (the daily deal price was $460). Perhaps my list should be called Things I Want That Are Too Damn Expensive. *Sigh*