I truly enjoy baking. Ever since high school, I was that girl who brought in cookies, brownies and other tasties. After I moved out and went to college, I found that I enjoy cooking, too. But, for the first year or so, I made nothing that was not in a Betty Crocker Cookbook and I never, ever altered a recipe. Because WHO KNOWS WHAT COULD HAPPEN? I could probably kill someone.

Enter one of those days when I didn’t have the ingredients I needed and was way too lazy to go to the grocery store (as they say, necessity is the father of invention, or something like that). I discovered that making it up and altering recipes could actually turn out well. Since then, I have actually made things sans recipe that were pretty darn good. The problem? I never wrote those recipes down. Well, that is not quite true. I wrote one down.

But, I am turning over a new leaf. I am going to post my recipes here along with comments about alternative ways to make things and whether my husband became violently ill after eating (just kidding, this has never happened . . . yet).

Hamburgers (yes, for now this is the lone recipe, but I will post more, I promise!)


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